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Twin Pack Prickly Heat Lotion & Gel Wash. 2 x 160ml


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Rona Ross Prickly Heat Lotion is a treatment which gives relief from prickly heat and skin irritations. With cooling, soothing and anti-itching action, which gives relief from sunburns, from prickliness, reddening and rashes caused by sweating, as a result of its ingredients.  This is ideal for those with sensitive skin and for children. Also gives relief from the itching caused by chicken-pox.  Combine it with the use of FOAMING PRICKLY HEAT GEL WASH.

A mild, foaming gel without soap for face and body.  Its cleaning action with moisturising agents and plants extracts leaves the skin smooth and soft.  Ideal for everyday use.  Gel Wash has antibacterial, anti-fungal agents with antiseptic and anti-itching properties, with calming and soothing agents.  The vitamins contained makes it ideal for irritating skin. 


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